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Benefit Singing for

The Heritage Center at

Fort Hollingsworth/White House

at Mt. Carmel Baptist Church

Lula, GA / Banks County – April 21st

 A meal will be served at 5 PM, for a donation

Singing will begin at 6:30 PM sponsored by

 The John White Family

There will be Southern Gospel Singing,

Storytelling – History of the Fort,

and more info on the new Heritage Center.

Please join us!

October 14, 2017

Descendants of Joshua and Katherine Lane White met at Fort Hollingsworth-White House on Saturday, October 14, to unveil plans for a building to provide an assembly room and much needed restroom facilities.

In the 1860’s at the beginning of the Civil War, John Lane, brother of Katherine Lane
White, was killed in Tennessee. His property was divided among his sisters. Katherine, wife of Joshua White, was awarded the property known as the Fort Hollingsworth-White House or the Joshua White home place. Joshua and Katherine made the fort their home. They raised their family and lived out their life there. Roots of the White family run deep on the grounds of this place. Descendants can walk through the same rooms where our ancestors, birthed babies, prepared meals, nursed the sick and dying, watched their daughters marry and sent their sons off to war.

The family’s ancestral home site is recognized by The National Register of Historic Places by Georgia’s historic restoration and preservation authorities, and by academic historical courses of study. Fort Hollingsworth is a frequent destination by individuals for special events, public tours and private visits.